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Sound level meter, case, battery, calibration screwdriver, instruction manual. To do so, connect the sensor following the steps in the getting started section of this user manual. Sound level meters pce322 a sound level meter with data logger and software for long period monitoring pce353 leq sound level meter with leq, memory and software technical specifications measurement range 30 to db in 5 ranges resolution 0. They have developed an entertainment sound level meter to provide instant readouts and continuous information. This is an easy and innovative sound level meter that utilises an sd card 16gb sd card comes included to store results. We have 2 radio shack sound level meter manuals available for free pdf download. A sound level meter slm is an instrument designed to measure directly sound pressure levels while incorporating frequency weighting networks which approximate the inverse of equal loudness contours at various levels. The meter is intended to be mounted in a permanent position, providing instant and continuous sound level information. When using a sound meter you can select from type 1 or 2 accuracy level depending on your requirements.

Specification for sound level meters this standard has been superseded by iec 61672. Measure noise levels as low as 6 db aweighted learn more sound level meters. This is the product page for the sound level meter, class 1 nl52. Leq, lep,d, peak c and lae sel are provided along with optional data logging and sequential 1. List of sound level meter companies, manufacturers and suppliers in malaysia. Although this meter is a complex and delicate instrument, its durable structure will allow many years of use if proper operating techniques are developed. In fact, our latest generation of sound level meters can be directly managed via smartphones, and with the addition of our featureexpanding applications. Sound pressure level sound pressure is a pressure disturbance in the atmosphere whose intensity is influenced not only by the strength of the source, but also by the surroundings and the distance from the source to the receiver. A range of robust, simple to use sound level meters that provide a range of functions including leq, lmax, % ln, lae as. Functions of the extech 407732 sound level meter include data hold and max hold.

The lineup ranges from highly affordable models for quick and easy measurement to products suitable for largescale environmental noise monitoring. Browse online, or one of our applications engineers can help you choose the right product for your application. Model 831lown sound level meter low noise measurements. Sound level meter model 4431 instruction manual kanomax usa. We provide thousands of sound meters for a vast range of applications in just about every different market sector you could think of. Failure to observe the following procedures may result in serious personal injury not for use in explosive or hazardous locations. Exairs easy to use digital sound level meter allows you to measure and monitor the sound level pressure in a wide variety of industrial environments. Sound level meters are used when trying to determine the need for hearing protection in an industrial arena. Sound level meters are generally described as class 1 or class 2. It uses a high resolution, full colour oled screen which makes it an ideal choice for taking noise measurements. Purpose classtype 2, integrating sound level meters with digital printing capabilities especially for noise ordinance enforcement applications. Sound level meter digital audio decibel meter noise level meter sound monitor db meter noise tester measuring 35 to 5 dba max data hold with color lcd display. Class 1 sound level meter for firearms and blasting noise measurement learn more model 831lown. Special committees that follow and monitor the level of noise and its influence have been created in every country.

Product diversity and uniformed quality, has been our belief since our first operation more than a decade ago. Sper scientific 840015 type 1 sound meter, meets iec61672 and. A sound level meter is simply a device with audiofrequency sensing capabilities that is controlled, essentially, by a microcontroller, which. The majority of sound and noise level meters fall into one of three categories. Monitoring sound levels is important for occupational health and safety as well as in situations where your equipment, music or crowds of people can be too loud.

Reed sound level meters are used every day by industrial maintenance teams as part of their preventative maintenance programs. For example, you might use an audio patch cord to connect the meter. A range of sound level meters designed for noise at work applications. Although these standards have similarities, the later standard does make more demands on. These are described, as follows, in the occupational safety and health osha technical manual ted015, chapter 5, osha noise and. Sound level meter sound level meter australia instrument. The extech 407732 sound level meter is a high accuracy instrument that meets ansi and iec 651 type 2 standards. Cadrim digital sound level meter decibel meter noise measure device with large lcd display high accuracy range 30dba battery included 4. This manual contains important safety and operating instructions for this equipment.

Sound level meters can help you decide what the correct level of hearing protection is needed for your workplace. Figure 1 is designed for the measure ment of a, b, or cweighted sound levels at its microphone. Failure to observe the following procedures could damage the instrument. Electroacoustics sound level meters this is the most recent sound level meter standard and the one that modern measurement regulations will require. It is the perfect choice for occupational and community noise audits and inspections. A sound level meter is used for acoustic sound that travels through air measurements. The modal shops rental program offers proven solutions for sound level meter testing. The extech 407732 sound level meter has high 65 to db and low 35 to 100db measuring ranges enabling its use in a variety of environments. Sound level meter an overview sciencedirect topics.

Click the links below for more detailed information on individual meters and kits. After taking the desired reading with the meter, simply pull out the sd card and plug it into the computer and download your results as a. Sound level meters devices for controlling the sound level. The best type of microphone for sound level meters is the condenser microphone, which combines precision with stability and reliability. Specifications for sound level meters name of standards organization. Sound level meters dedicated to sound and vibration.

The app was developed to help workers make informed decisions about their noise environment and promote better hearing health and prevention efforts. Sound level meters inspect usa meters, safety, test kits. The product is waterresistant and requires no paper manual thanks to intuitive operation and builtin help. Sper scientific 840015 type 1 sound meter, meets iec61672. Sound level meters test and measurement active tech.

The sound level meter measures sound level in decibels. In order to identify the places or processes in your facility that are causing the problems, youll need a tool to measure the sound level. This sd series sound level meter has triple range measurement and features user selectable sampling rates from 1 to 3600 seconds. This means that you dont need extra software to view your results. Paul treadway, industrial hygiene officer and assistant safety officer of the nimitzclass aircraft carrier uss abraham lincoln cvn 72, uses a sound level meter to demonstrate the high deci. Hand held meters, data loggers and fixed displays for measuring and recording sound levels in db. Class 1 and 2 sound meters are required to meet the full specifications of iec 61672. Extech 407732 sound level meter sound level meters. With these portable sound level meters, you can carry out measurements quickly to gain control of a situation but also scheduled control measurements are possible. Sound level meter selection guide rental the modal shop, inc. Sound level meters are important for all industries, especially by using it as mobile sound level meters which are able to assess office stress levels or street noise levels.

In earlier times the instantaneous sound pressure levels were exponentially averaged in a simple rms detector of limited dynamic range and the results were further dependent on the selected meter timeconstant settings, so a series of measurements could not be combined to get the overall result. Covers 30 db in both manual and auto ranging scales with 0. By order of the executive director office of the federal register washington, d. Led indicator at the bottom of the meter that will remain red an indication that you should pull things back a bit. A sound level meter is used for acoustic measurements. The large liquid crystal display lcd provides readings in. The type or class of a sound level meter describes its accuracy as defined by the relevant international standards class 1 is more accurate than class 2.

The niosh sound level meter slm app combines the best features of professional sound levels meters and noise dosimeters into a simple, easytouse package. Reed instruments offers the latest technology in sound level meters also known as decibel and noise meters. Our main products are measuring tools, wood working clamp, height gauges, dial gauges, magnetic bases, abrasive disks, grinding belts, cutting tools, combination wood cutting saw blades, segmented sawblades, abrasive products, padlocks, combination. The instruction manual of the measuring instrument should be consulted. Cirrus offers a range of class 1 and class 2 handheld sound level meters and accessories to cover all noise measurement applications from simple noise tests to detailed noise analysis our range of sound level meters and noise meters spans simple instruments that provide the measurement of sound level, integratingaveraging instruments. Sound power is measured as the total sound power emitted by a source in all directions in watts joules second. Output the phonotype output jack lets you con nect the meter to recording or other measure ment equipment. Ac300 the acoustical ac300 is a precision calibrator designed to help you accurately field calibrate your sound level meters and noise dosimeters. Sl4010 your purchase of this sound level meter marks a step forward for you into the field of precision measurement. Extech 407732 sound level meter sound level meters instrumart.

If you want to collect sound level data, you need to connect the sound level meter to a datacollection interface. Sound meters or sound level meters slm are used to provide an objective measurement of sound pressure levels. Features include an adjustable excessive sound alarm. These are class 1, class 2 and sound level indicators. The most common form of measurement of sound in the united states or english system is in decibels db and metric users use micropascals upa. Due to the innovative design of the 378a04 which uses a prepolarized microphone and icp constant current interface, the combination produces a highly portable system that is battery powered and intuitive to use. Class 1 sound level meter for noise ordinance compliance learn more soundtrack lxt1qpr. The instrument brings unprecedented state of the art technology to a slm of this size. The current american national standard specification for sound level meters ansi s1. Using an sd card up to 16gb a user can select a desired sampling rate and quickly generate an excel file with raw data, all without the use of software. Our products are used across and wide and diverse range of applications. Browse online, or one of our applications engineers can help. Please read the following instructions carefully and always keep.

The older standard iec 60651 referred to the grade as type, whereas the new standard iec 61672 refers to it as the class. Page 1 sound level meter page 2 table of contents page 3 introduction page 4 page 5 specifications page 6 page 7 installing a battery page 8 page 9 controls page 10 output page 11 weighting page 12 microphone page cal. Type and class of a sound level meter a definition. Radio shack sound level meter owners manual pdf download. Features a large lcd display, fast or slow time weightings, peak hold and ac output. Often problems arise from noisy neighbors or if bars and restaurants are in residential areas and produce noise levels after 10pm in excess of what local laws permit. With over 40 years of sound measurement experience, here at castle we are proud to be able to say we are the experts in sound.

Optional functions include octave and octave real time analysis, fft analysis, and simultaneous recording as well as with noise level calculation. Sound level meter selection guide rental the modal. This page lists 10 rion sound level meter models by application type. Sound level meters safety equipment accurate hse safety. Download our comprehensive 24 page sound measuring equipment catalog. The diaphragm of the microphone responds to changes in air pressure caused by sound waves. The 4431 was developed to keep comfortable sound environment as well as safe and healthy life of people, both to be realized by the evaluation of environmental noise such as traffic noise or. Designed for ansi and iec classtype 1 meters, the ac300 makes it easy to calibrate your instrument before and after each series of measurements. Sound level meter, class 1 and octave band realtime analyzer sound level meter unit. Uks largest selection of sound level meters buy online. Sound levels and modern sound level meters acoustic glossary.

American national standards institute legally binding document. Owners manual radio shack sound level meter owners manual 20 pages. It is commonly a handheld instrument with a microphone. Meters are available for both short and long term rentals. Generates a stable acoustic signal at a controlled frequency and amplitude to verify the accuracy of your sound level meter in the field generates a constant sound pressure level of 94 db at a fixed frequency of 1,000 hz model ca05a fabric carrying case.

Environmental sound monitor nx37a for environmental measurement sound level meter, class 1. Both meters are rugged, highquality devices meeting all the applicable accuracy and performance requirements for sound level meters as defined by ansi s1. Sound level meter marks a step forward for you into the field of precision measurement. With a variety of capabilities and available kit configurations, the modal shop can help you meet your testing goals. Sound level meter sound level meter in a working process excessive noise at the enterprises and the environment may have very grave results and influence the health of the workers hearing loss. A sound level meter can be used for measuring sound or noise for community noise analysis, building acoustics, industrial noise control, machinery noise analysis, and further applications.

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