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Hailing from the planet krypton, clark is a superpowered alien who was raised in smallville, kansas. How superman actually died and returned in dc comics. Even now the bagged 1st printing issues are valued at just over cover price due to overprinting. The adventures of superman comic book superman wiki fandom. He is best known for creating the superhero booster gold, and for his lengthy runs on the superman titles adventures of superman and superman vol. This series covers clark kent s life while hes not protecting the world as superman. Jul 18, 2014 johnny depp may be brought back for pirates says report. Its definitely sentimentally valuable for being such a. The death and life of superman on november 18, 1992, the news of superman s death stunned the world. A good riveting story especially as the tome of the book is preinternet so has a more of natural feel. Roger stern took all of these stories and put them together to form a complete tale that read like a novel from start to finish.

Written by louise simonson, with art and cover by jon bogdanove and dennis janke. Swooping in almost at the last second to win the holy grail issue, the top bidder will now own the most expensive comic book. Lois lane and clark kents wedding in reaction to a superman television series. Animation to right a wrong created by the underwhelming semispectacle of superman. The death of superman was released in time for the 1992 christmas shopping season and, according to comics historian matthew k. Buying art is subjective, hence the final decision to purchase based on perceived value is at the sole discretion on the buyer. These files will help new and old readers understand whats happening to the man of steel. The death of superman is a 2018 american animated directtovideo superhero film produced by warner bros.

A fight ensues, superman versus superman, until lois knocks lex out and she, along with iris, use the book to remind evil. The death and life of superman was first written in the early 90s and spanned across several comic book series, including action comics, superman, and superman. At face value, the story is an interesting idea, but the way it unfolds left me disappointed. How much is the original death of superman comic worth. The death of superman is a crossover story event featured in dc comics supermanrelated. How much is the comic superman the death of clark kent. Sometimes, its easy to forget that clark has a whole life outside of being superman. Most comic fans know that superman actually began life in action comics. An opened version would depend on the condition of the actual comic book. After the death of superman, perry opens a newspaper article about the death of superman and clark kent as well as what happened to lex luthor. In order to protect the ones closest to him, will the man of steel do the unthinkable. The death of superman 1992 and return of superman 1993 sets feature artwork from the iconic comic book story arc while the man of steel platinum, a set of oversized cards.

How much is the comic superman the death of clark kent from. The death of clark kent seems like a natural followup even if it isnt a particularly great story. His ordinary life is often complicated by being superman. When kenny braverman, a childhood friend and the bitter rival of clark kent, learns the true identity of superman, the former smallville resident devises a plan of revenge and retribution. Superman is already relevant and the options to prove it.

The post superman s comic book reveal proves anonymity is. However, when the show returns to the present, its revealed that clark s father, jonathan kent, has already died. The man of steel, action comics, and justice league of america introduces an unstoppable alien named doomsday who creates a path of destruction on his way to the heart of metropolis and whom superman. The doomsday\ death of superman saga is one of my favorite in all of comic books and i was absolutely thrilled when i heard they were going to bring it to life on. The crossover, which originated from editor mike carlin and writers dan jurgens, roger stern, louise simonson, jerry ordway, and karl kesel, began in december 1992 and lasted until october 1993. This issue is a collection of the most super stories that superman have ever published during the last 28 years. Clark kent, aka superman, is earths greatest hero and the main protagonist of smallville. He cherishes all his journalism awards, as awards fairly won, knowing that if the judges knew that superman had been the author, that knowledge would have influenced their decision. Its the first comic to have superman, but its an anthology comic. Meanwhile, back on earth, the truth that clark kent is superman continues to spiral out all over the world, and now the daily planets competition is gunning for his wife, lois lane.

The death of superman is the apex comic book series. The massive 11issue crossover among four different series superman, superman. Chris viveiros of boston holds his copy of the comic book in the background. It wasnt a bad year, just up and down in terms of story and events. In the earliest comic book stories, clark kent s employer is george taylor of the daily star, but the second episode of the radio serial changed this to perry white of the daily planet. Attempts are made upon clark kent life, leaving no doubt that one of supermans deadliest foes has learned the truth of his dual identity. Comic book lot death of superman funeral for a friend 3 and 4 others vfnm. This page lists prices for the first 100 issues of superman s appearances in his solo series, which began in 1939. Clark naturally grieves over it, but it strengthens a determination that was already growing in his mind. This book has at least 16 printings as of september 2008. Superman is on the run from a villain who knows too much about him. Its in perfect condition just wondering out of curiosity.

Ma and pa kent are shown to have passed away at some point after clark grew up, presumably of old age. Action comics is the comic book series that started it all. Supermans comic book reveal proves anonymity is impossible. He resided there until his early adult years, when he moved to metropolis. It is based on the dc comic book storyline of the same name. If the story is of value, if its honest, if the creators are coming from a great place, it always rises to the occasion because what people want is the real thing.

Being clark kent and living a dual life means he spends a considerable amount of time. Thats where the real value is in comics entertainment first, last and always. Manning, is the bestselling trade paperback of all time. And every character in dcs universe, whether theyre a hero or supervillain, is going to have something to say about it. Get the best deals on death of superman when you shop the largest online selection at. The death of superman is a crossover story event featured in dc comics superman related publications. Most of the early issues didnt have superman on the cover, so this comic isnt worth as much as others. Synopsis the death of clark kent was a multipart storyline published in alternating superman titles dated from may to july of 1995.

Below is the copy of the text as best as i could get it. What is the value of the death of clark kent comic book. In 2005, shuster was inducted into the joe shuster canadian comic book creator hall of fame for his contributions to comic books. The death of superman, world without a superman, and the return of superman. Feb 12, 2019 the world has expanded for clark, and with this expansion he must cultivate his courage and push away doubt to become a god among men. Why is the death of superman such an important comic book. Alas, the storydriven mullet would come to an end as all things must, and in late 1996, lois and clark finally got their synergized wedding on both the television screen and the comic book page. The death of clark kent titan, 1997 series august 1997 indexer notes. The private life of clark kent superman wiki fandom. You can see where the latest superman movies, in particular, batman vs superman, drew its inspiration from. Daily planet reporter clark kent killed reporting gotham battle. Dec 11, 2019 supermans comic book reveal proves anonymity is impossible even in fiction not only are phone booths a thing of the past, but social media means that a secret identity no longer belongs in.

What is the value of the death of clark kent comic book number 868 autographed by dan jergens. When viewed overall 1992 was a somewhat haphazard year for the superman titles. Its been said that what makes superman special is that, unlike other superheroes, clark kent is the mask the man of steel wears to hide his true identity. While preparing to walk down the aisle in superman. Dc published the story in three collected volumes from 1992 to 1993. Olivia luchini is a comic book news and features writer for screen. The private life of clark kent is a regular story feature in the superman family and in other comic books premise. Aug 01, 1993 for a person who has never been overly fond of the superman comic s the novel the death and life of superman is a superb read. Superman speeds to save his parents and afterwards decides that they all must abandon their former lives.

The story include the death of superman, clark kent s lost parents, the five stolen s shirts, the first superman of krypton, and the guilty bizarro. The issue of superman that chronicled the man of steels final battle with the monster called doomsday made headlines all over the world and sold four million copies in a matter of days, making it the fastestselling comic book of all time. The death of superman dc comics graphic novel 1992. Find great deals on ebay for death of superman comic and death of superman comic cgc. Dc comics made history by killing superman back in 1992, but most fans. The story finds superman unable to retain his clark kent identity when conduit strikes at his friends and family.

Aug 08, 2018 the death of superman, out today on bluray and dvd, is rather explicitly an attempt by warner bros. Dec 30, 2017 it depends on the edition, condition, etc. Dc comics the death of superman graphic novel with death of superman comic book. The joe shuster awards, started in 2005, were named in honor of the canadianborn shuster, and honor achievements in the field of comic book publishing by canadian creators, publishers and retailers. Superman collectibles, comics, figures, cards, more. This issue is a variant of the death of superman dc, 1993 series first printing. Can the man of steel stop conduit before he exposes his secret identity to the world. Nov 18, 2012 twenty years ago this month, superman died. The death of clark kent superman stuart immonen, dan jurgens. Development began after a planned story, in which clark kent superman and lois lane would be. Death of superman comic book value price guide comics. The death of clark kent is a superman storyline released in 1995. Born as kalel to jor and larael, he was sent to earth by his parents to fulfill a destiny in which he would become the savior.

Superman the death of clark kent tpb 1997 dc comic books. You can find out values of action issues by clicking here. Slickness, thank god, was beyond his means feiffer,the great comic book heroes, 1965. Sold by tj collectibles online and ships from amazon fulfillment.

Get the best deals on death of superman when you shop the. If condition is in question, please request more pictures. For a person who has never been overly fond of the superman comic s the novel the death and life of superman is a superb read. Get the best deal for death of superman from the largest online selection. How much is the comic superman the death of clark kent from 1995 with a foil cover worth. A death that superman is unable to prevent leads him to reconsider his role as a superhero and build a new life as clarken, a scientist, on a redsun world. And while the climax lies in the great fight between doomsday and superman, the central focus on clark kent s personal life is where the movie goes beyond the comic storyline and makes this a wellexecuted adaptation. Superman is an ongoing american comic book series featuring the dc comics superhero superman as its main protagonist.

Superman 1978 3 hour tv version the death of pa kent superman 1978 playlist. The death of superman makes the man of steels sacrifice. Death of superman, dc bronze age superman comics, clark kent lego minifigures, superman dc golden age comics, dc comics superman dc universe comic book hero action figures, death and return of superman, the death and life of superman, dc comics superman superman comic book hero action figures, smallville clark kent jacket, dc comics superman. As conduit, a kryptoniteradiating super villain, kenny sends an assortment of heavily armed assassins and killer robots after the people who matter most in clark s life. In many stories, one or both of them have died by the time clark becomes superman. It is clark kent who permits superman to remain part of the people, as he can move among them as superman cannot. Lp record and comic book, a membership card, a pin, and a secret code, all packed in a box. When the villianous conduit learns that superman and clark kent are the same person, the life of our hero is turned upside down, and the lives of those closest to him are put in danger, as a form of blackmail. Fans may not have believed it when dc promised to reveal superman s secret identity to the world this december, but it seems they really are erasing the man of steels alter ego, clark kent. In the last interview shuster gave before his death, he explained that he had modeled the visual appearance of clark kent on himself and movie star harold lloyd, and that of superman on douglas fairbanks senior. Dont count on it the john campea show john campea 1,691 watching live now. But, when he has to defeat a wouldbe dictator on that planet, he remembers the thrill of battle and dec a death that superman is unable to prevent leads him to reconsider his role as a superhero and. Everybody wanted a piece of me, pa, clark confides in his adoptive father, leading to the eventual decision to build a wall between the superman and clark kent peronalities so that clark could. Doomsday, is the 32nd installment in the dc universe animated original.

Superman appears in several sets devoted to the dc universe and is featured in his own sets geared to comic books and the popular 90s television show, lois and clark. The death of superman dc, 1993 series fifth printing. It wasnt the first time, or the last but for one moment in the early 1990s, the combination of a slow news day and the growing popularity of comics collided for what many people recall as the busiestever day for comicbook sales. While the comic does have some new content, the lions share of it is just reprinted story material from the first four issues of action comics. And while the climax lies in the great fight between doomsday and superman, the central focus on clark kents personal life is where the movie goes beyond the comic storyline and makes this a wellexecuted adaptation. The death of clark kent dc, 1997 series june 1997 in superman. The death of superman was a 1992 stunt that turned out to be dcs bestselling superman comic ever. After all, dan jurgens, architect of the previous event crossover, was still writing superman comics in 1995 when this was originally published. He died heroically while fighting doomsday in superman, vol. The calm before the storm or aliens, vampires and demons oh my. Dan jurgens is an american comic book writer and artist. Get the best deal for death of superman from the largest online selection at. An interesting comic book about supermas identity being revealed to the world. The death of superman dc, 1993 series newsstand first printing the death of superman dc, 1993 series fifth printing the death of superman dc, 1993 series newsstand second printing second printing was printed in canada.

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